If you read my previous book blog, Undercover Reader, you know that I used a ten-heart rating system for book reviews. (PS you can read all my old reviews under “Read All the Books” and then “Old Reviews” above. You know you want to.) I set it up that way because I always felt unsatisfied and sortof inaccurate using the five-star system that Goodreads employs. I felt like I was giving out a ton of four-star ratings for books and there is a big difference in my mind between three stars and four, and between four stars and five. So, figuring that doubling the amount of stars would be the same as if Goodreads had half-stars, I set up a ten-heart rating system on my blog.


I think I used maybe five or six of the available ten hearts for book rating that whole time. And guess which rating I handed out the most? Yep. Eight hearts. Which is exactly the same as four stars. Which is SO DUMB.

What does it meeeeeeeaaaan?

Nothing, really. I mean, a ten-heart rating has meaning. So does a nine, I think. But eight? seven? Meh. Just a great but not a WHOA TIGER  great book, but then not bad enough to really pinpoint the problems with the book. In other words, meh. Just like the four stars.

So then I had a Twitter conversation with Jenn at The Picky Girl a while back, and she informed me that she had abandoned the rating system altogether for pretty much the same reasons. Then my feelings were validated! I love it when that happens.

What I’m trying to say is that I will no longer be rating books here as far as a numerical rating. I will still blog about books and give my opinions about them, but screw this assigning-numbers business. It’s too easy to fall into a rut, and frankly it doesn’t mean anything to anyone except me (and even that is questionable).

PS did you guys know the double rainbow guy used to do cage fights? WHOA, right? I don’t know if he still does them, but here’s one for ya. It’s unintentionally hilarious. Enjoy.