WHOA. Look! A new blog!

Okay so let me do some splaining. Before I started law school three years ago, I started a blog called Law School Ninja. I blogged there off and on (more off than on, really) throughout most of law school. Then, somewhere in the middle of my spring 2L semester, I decided that I wanted to start a book blog because I wanted to write more about what I was reading; it was called Undercover Reader. Then I took down Law School Ninja with the intent of starting a new blog after I graduated and while I was studying for the bar exam, mainly because at that point it would be dumb to continue to call myself LAW SCHOOL Ninja. Get it? Then I started studying for the bar exam and it turns out that takes up a lot of time, so I never did anything else until now.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been setting up this new blog. You like? I’m pretty proud of the header. I imported all the old posts from Law School Ninja and Undercover Reader, and I went through each one and recategorized the ones I wanted to keep and deleted the ones I didn’t want to keep. I had to ditch a lot of photos that didn’t import automatically because I was too lazy to track them down and re-upload them.

So anyway, now I just want to have the one blog where I talk about all the things. I don’t have enough material in my head (shut up) to support two separate blogs, so everything will be here from now on, forever and ever amen. If you were a reader of either of my former blogs, you know I’m not an everyday blogger, and I’m not about to become one. If I don’t have anything to say, I’m not going to just write a bunch of words that nobody cares about. But I do hope that the overhaul will motivate me to blog more frequently and about more topics.

For now, though, I have a ton of stuff I want to tell you guys about in future posts. It feels good to be blogging again!